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Are you satisfied with the results you are getting from your workout routine? Or, do you find that you’re setting goals, but you're unable to reach them? You have the best of intentions, but other things just keep getting in the way. Written by renowned Certified Personal Trainer and fitness expert, Blaire Rummel, this FREE ebook will help you understand how to turn your intentions into reality.

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to make the most of your workouts and gain the maximum results. Find out how to build more muscle and blast away more fat in nearly the same amount of time you are probably spending in the gym right now. The key is developing a multi-tasking workout routine.

In this ebook you’ll learn about:

  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 
  • Pyramid Training
  • Training Like an Athlete
  • Resistance & Incline Cardio Training
  • German-Volume Training (GVT) and more
Remember to workout at your pace, as the exercise program can become very intense. You can gradually increase the intensity of the workouts as you build up your strength and endurance.

Bonus Topic

Blaire also explains the benefits of functional training for increased strength, better mobility, and more energy helping you perform everyday physical tasks more easily. This ebook is loaded with instructions on exercise routines, pictures showing how to perform the exercises, and an explanation of how and why this program will result in you getting your best body FAST!